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Next Generation

In 2003, my life reached a pinnacle with the birth of my youngest son, Dogukan, and simultaneously, I founded my company, Inter Log. This year was marked by significant changes and new responsibilities.

Today, two decades later, my youngest son is as old as Inter Log. Time flies, and in these two decades, we have experienced good but also challenging periods side by side with loyal employees and faithful customers. I wouldn’t want to miss a single year, as both the company and I have steadily grown, and the current development fills me with pride.
At this point, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all customers and employees for the wonderful and loyal years.

Looking towards the future, especially in these turbulent times, since 2020, I have entrusted a crucial role in the company to my eldest son, Volkan Aydin. His comprehensive insight into all business areas is a great asset and significantly relieves my daily activities. This relief allows me to focus more freely on the needs of our customers and adapt Inter Log to the ever-changing world.
Inter Log has always been a family-run business and will remain so in the future. Therefore, Inter Log will gradually be entrusted to my sons. It’s time for change and new innovations, always with an eye on quality and proven practices. Hand in hand, we will overcome the challenges of the time, and I am proud of that.

All my sons have grown up with Inter Log and know that the company is part of the family. The appreciation of our customers and employees is a heartfelt matter of the highest priority for all Aydins.

The next generation means for us not only continuity but also taking modern paths and embracing innovations. Since 2022, my sons Okan and Dogukan are actively working in the business, supporting us energetically. Their involvement marks a significant step in the ongoing development of our company. With enthusiasm and dedication, they contribute to preserving traditions and introducing innovative ideas. Their participation not only strengthens the family character of our business but also expands our capabilities and resources.

The collaboration with my sons is not only professionally rewarding but also personally enriching. Their presence in the company underscores our shared commitment to continuing the family history and successfully shaping our future. I am proud to have Volkan, Okan, and Dogukan by my side and look forward to the shared journey where we, as a family and a company, will continue to grow and thrive.

Welcome to the corporate family, my sons! I am confident that Inter Log is in the best hands with you! Here’s to a shared future and unity!

Volkan Aydin

management representative