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Our Philosophy

The idea for our company philosophy was inspired by the wild geese.

We can observe wild geese, when they are going to the warmer Southern regions during the fall and returning in the spring. Especially the V-shaped flight formation of these birds is striking. Scientists researched this phenomenon and arrived at interesting conclusions:

Each wing beat of one goose creates a certain up draft, that could be used by the next bird to reduce its efforts. The performance of wild geese, that are flying in such a formation, is about 70% more efficient in comparison to a single bird.

A goose that flies out of this group feels a strong air drang and regularly comes back in formation so he can use the updraft of „leader“.
If one of geese is tired of flying, he felt dawn at the end of formation and leaves the leader position to his follower. So he can gather his strength. The following geese gratulating him with laud screaming. If one of the geese is so tired or sick that he cannot fly, so two healthy ones stay with him till he recovers. Then they fly together to the next formation.

We make our company’s philosophy out of the behavior of wild geese:

We understand ourselves together with our clients as a team.
We need less energy to reach our aim as a team.
If someone stays on the way back, we stay with him till he is up again so we could accept new challenges together.